Galium odoratum (L.) Scop. syn. Asperula odorata L.


» sweet woodruff

Morphology / Appearance

Galium odoratum L.

Character recognition:

Plant: a herbaceous plant, it grows to 30 - 50 cm long;
Root: rhizomatous;
Stem: part 4-edges, straight;
Leaves: are simple, lanceolate, glabrous, 2–5 cm long, and borne in whorls of 6-9;
Flowers: hermaphrodite; small (4–7 mm diameter) flowers are produced in cymes, each white with four petals joined together at the base;
Fruits: bicaryopsis, covered with recurved spines on top.

Confusion: [...]

Galium odoratum
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Ecology / Plant spreading

Galium odoratum (L.) Scop. syn. Asperula odorata L.

Bloom time: Apr , May , Jun
Flower color: white
Plant type: perennial
Light: Part Shade, Shade
Propagation Material: Seeds

It is native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia.

It is occasionally cultivated in gardens for medicinal purposes and other uses. It is also an ornamental plant, but spreads rapidly and can become invasive.


Galium odoratum (L.) Scop. syn. Asperula odorata L.

Cultivation / Plant breeding

Galium odoratum (L.) Scop. syn. Asperula odorata L.

Plants prefer leaf soil and shade conditions. Tolerates dry soils, but leaves become slightly burned when grown in full sun. Does not support hot climate. Prefers moist calcareous soil, it dislike very acidic soils. Tolerate a pH between 4.3 to 8.3. Is a species tolerant to air pollution and grows well in cities. It is very resistant to low temperatures up to about -25°C.

Is sown in situ as soon as the seeds have matured, the end of summer. Also, you can spring sowing, but germinates very difficult. Leaves on the ground and shade trees may favor germination rate. Division may be spring bushes. Also, you can practice division during the growing season if broken fragments remain wet until stabilization occurs. Large fragments can replicate directly at all, and the lowest are put in individual pots and plants are grown in cold shelter until proper rooting. Spring planting is carried out. Can prepare and immature wood cuttings after flowering, the shelter.


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