Fragaria viridis Weston


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Morphology / Appearance

Fragaria viridis Weston

Character recognition:

Plant: perennial herbaceous species;
Root: short rhizomes;
Stem: at the base has a rosette of leaves in the axilla which start aerial long stolons;
Leaves: trifoliate; covered on both sides with silky hairs;
Flowers: are dioecious, consisting of 5 white petals;
Fruits: red polyachenes.

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Fragaria viridis
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Ecology / Plant spreading

Fragaria viridis Weston

Bloom time: May , Jun
Flower color: white
Plant type: perennial
Light: Sun, Part Shade
Propagation Material: Seeds

Fragaria v. is native to Europe

Frequency in the boreal forests of oak-floor, meadows, forest clearings.


Fragaria viridis Weston

Cultivation / Plant breeding

Fragaria viridis Weston

Prefers a fertile, well-drained, moisture retentive soil in a sunny position.

Strawberries are perennials that generally multiply through shoots, but can grow and by seeds. Strawberry bushes tend to lose vigor after a few years due to abundance of flowers and fruits.


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