Zacusca (vegetable stew) with mushrooms


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Zacusca (vegetable stew) with mushrooms
© 2013. Zacusca (vegetable stew) with mushrooms

Zacusca (vegetable stew) with mushrooms

- 30 red peppers
- 20 yellow peppers
- 1-2 chilies (to taste)
- 12 onions
- 1 l oil
- 1 l broth
- 2 kg canned mushrooms or 3 kg fresh mushrooms (preferably Armillaria mellea)
- 3 tablespoons salt
- pepper

Number of servings: 15-16 of 400 ml jars
Cooking time: 240 minutes
Difficulty cooking: medium


Zacusca (vegetable stew) with mushrooms

•  Give all vegetables through meat grinder, but keep them in separate dishes, because they do not are toasted at the same time. Red peppers put them in a strainer placed over a bowl to collect the juice.

•  If canned mushrooms, drain them well and then give them through meat grinder.
If fresh mushrooms put them in a pot, cover them with water and give them some good boiled, drain them, pass them under running water to clean them thoroughly and then cut large pieces, put them in a pot with oil to cook until water evaporates from them. Then place them in a colander to drain fat, give them through a meat grinder.

•  In a large saucepan and wide, heat oil and add onion and salt. Sauté until softened well, about 10 minutes. Mix constantly, over medium heat.

•  Add yellow peppers, chili peppers and red peppers over onions and cook until soften them very well. Add yellow peppers, chili peppers and over onions and cook until peppers soften them very well. The fire should be medium to small and must constantly mix. A sign that they are ready is when it starts to accumulate a little oil over. It takes about 40-50 minutes.

•  Add into the pot the hot juices collected from peppers and broth (not to stop boiling). Allow 10 minutes to boil.

•  Add chopped mushrooms. May cook about 20 minutes and remember to always mix. Meanwhile cool little vegetable stew and taste and add more salt if necessary.

•  Sterilized jars in the oven (200°C) for 20 minutes. While they are hot, placed vegetable stew. Pass a spoon through each jar to let no goals. Place over an aspirin (thus avoiding dunstuirea) and then stapled jars. Allow them to cool under a blanket overnight. Store in cool place.


Zacusca (vegetable stew) with mushrooms

It can be served on slice of toast.


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