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Sorghum sp.

Should be avoided repeated crossings aggregates from early spring until the sow.

It is suitable seedbed when the soil, on depth of 3-6 cm, is chopped and aired, and below is "placed" in order to promote rising of water at grain.

To obtain fuel savings and increased compaction avoidance is recommended to perform with a single pass of several operations: administration fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, along with seedbed preparation work.

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Soil Works

Sorghum sp.

They start immediately after land release by preceding plant, and aims (in addition to mobilizing soil) incorporating crop residues, grinding, leveling and achievement in bigger water reserves in the soil.
After the preceding early runs basic plowing fa 20-25 cm depth on lighter land and 25-30 cm on medium and heavy land, with plow in aggregate with star harrow.
Until autumn field is maintained loose and clean of weeds, through work with disc harrows.

Making two plowing, summer fa 20 cm deep and fall to 30 cm, not justified by production increases obtained.
After harvested plants late are running autumn plowing to the same depth as summer plowing, with plow in aggregate with star harrow.
In heavy soil conditions, compact, temporary excess moisture to improve air-fluid system will run deep loosening from 50 to 80 cm every 4 years.
On soil slim arable layer plowing, depth will be limited depending on its thickness. Plowing on sloping ground will run only along level curves.

Spring tillage ensures sowing quality, germination and emergence of sorghum.
If the ground is level, without weed and rare vegetal remains on the surface, the soil will work in day before sowing with combiner or with plow in aggregate with harrow teeth.
If the ground is uneven in early spring, and with weeds, after aeration land runs a work with plow in aggregate with harrow teeth, seedbed preparation will be done the day before sowing, with combiner, perpendicular to the direction of drilling.


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