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Oat Crop Rotation


» crop rotation, avena sativa


Avena sativa L.

Oats are plant regions with humid weather and cool summers. However, oats supports better than other plants drier conditions. It is therefore better plant that capitalizes the extreme conditions of culture, because of its great ecological plasticity.

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Crop Rotation

Avena sativa L.

Oats is not pretentious to preceding plant, if the soil is well fertilized.
He gives very good results after annual or perennial legumes (but in practice, as these are preferred other cultures with higher weight: wheat, corn, beet).
Oats are grown, usually after hoeing plants (potato, corn, sunflower).
Not grow after himself, even after sugar beet or fodder, but only after 3-4 years, to prevent attack by nematodes, common to both cultures.

After oats can follow hoeing plants, legumes etc. Not practiced sowing clover (hidden culture) in oats because it is overshadowed much stronger and longer period of time than barley or wheat.


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